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Bringing the Party to Life

    One of the best ways to add life to your party is to hire a Quick Mix DJ. Whether you are planning a birthday party, or a retirement party, a celebration of an engagement or anniversary, or even a BBQ with friends, having a Quick Mixing DJ is the difference between a successful party and a forgettable party. Streaming services are great for a car ride but if you want to pump the octane into your party, a Qucick Mix DJ is the way to go. Cheeky Fox Entertainment is committed to working closely with clients to understand exactly what they need, and producing a result that exceeds expectations. Get in touch to learn more.

Why Book Cheeky Fox Entertainment?

If you want your event to be remembered long after it’s over, book Cheeky Fox Entertainment to take charge of the music.

I will provide an MC Script prior to the event ensuring we always are on the same page. If you provide me a playlist I can arrange it with fun and creative transitions as well as have the ability to take a song request and work it into a mix. I am a quick mix DJ that spends hours planning every song drop and every transition in the set list with the ability to work with music in a unique and creative way. I can create custom songs for your Ceremony or first dance creating a truly one of a kind experience, and allowing even a corporate party to feel like the place to be, and that's because now it is.


Salem, OR 

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